Anna from the “V” film series

MV5BMTYxNTQ5NTg2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODUyNTY5Mg@@._V1._SX353_SY480_The remake of film series „V“ stages an alien race that secretly wants to take over the world and use humanity for breeding but is portraying itself as favorable for humanity by giving humanity their resources “for free”. Basically, one day the V’s arrive to Earth and propagate that they “are of peace, always”. Throughout the film series their true intentions are revealed, of course not in the eyes of public, as a small group called The Fifth Column tries to take them down.

There are several villains in this scenario, even some good characters in time become a bit evil such as agent Erica Evans played by Elizabeth Mitchell. However, the main villain is Anna (Morena Baccarin), the queen of the new alien visitors. So, what makes her evil? As she is the queen of the V’s she is in charge of their survival. One might say that she embodies certain patriotic beliefs to her alien race such as contempt towards human emotions – love in particular. These emotions are really bad for her race because it provides a form of individuality and certain unpredictability for the ones who are “infected” by them. This individuality produces the inability to control her race (and humans) by providing them Bliss – a super mental mind control power that eliminates all emotions and thus subdues the subjects involved plus healing certain diseases. And even when the viewers just might think that this Bliss is not such a bad idea Anna gives birth to a massive army of deadly alien soldiers that will take over the world. It is very soon that we find out that she is ruthless, purged from all emotions and gets her way with any means possible. She is able to mimic human emotions very convincingly in order to fool the publicity. She despises love, yet she manipulates it in order to get her way.

But not all goes smoothly for her, and this is what I liked about the character: at the point where her children (soldier army) are killed she starts to feel human emotion and has a burst of anger and despair followed by a rash decision that would later on give question to her authority. It is this point where in order to hide those emotions she becomes even more ruthless. Her actions speak of dictatorship “qualities” and extremely evil actions in order to preserve her integrity in front of her subjects which have started to question her leadership. At this point she means real business. She even brakes her own daughters legs.

Later on throughout the series we discover that her mother Diana (Jane Badler), the real queen, is still alive. She was kept in the mother ship dungeon for fifteen years by her daughter Anna – another brutal asset to her character – she imprisoned her own mother. Later on she even kills her. In front of everybody. And covers it up by saying her mother was a traitor and forces her race to kneel before her – a moment where all of her brutality is shown and all of her integrity is slowly degrading. This moment is accompanied by a brilliant sentence which Anna refers to her daughter which a few moments ago tried to kill her “Now that’s how you kill your mother”.

The complexity of this character is enriched by a very interesting circumstance. These aliens wear human skin in order to infiltrate more easily among humans. However this human skin has a very itchy side effect – it triggers human emotions in the aliens! So, some of the aliens who have experienced human emotions are joining the fight against Anna. But Anna herself is getting more affected. She experiences some really negative human emotions which culminate at a point when her own daughter Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) was supposed to kill her. It is then when she uses these emotions to manipulate her own daughter so she wouldnt kill her. Anna now realizes that she has an even more powerful weapon in her hands – emotions which she can use to manipulate everyone even more convincingly. At this point the plot unravels to a point where Anna is turning into a more complex villain who is dealing with a wide scale of negative human emotions which she does not hesitate to use in order to achieve her master plan and that is – using the human race as a breeding tool in order to help her preserve her alien race and thus its survival.

It is impossible to tell how would Anna’s character evolve in the next series because there will be no sequels. Yup, they only filmed two seasons and right at the moment where the plot became seriously messed up because almost all odds went to Anna’s favor, they stopped because of low viewer ratings. Too bad. It would be very interesting to see the culmination dialogue between agent Erica Evans and Anna. At this point all that can be said is that I don’t think that Anna’s character would forego some pathetic “I am evil because I am evil” monologue in the climax. I imagine that Evans and Anna would get into a serious and deadly catfight where even Evans would reveal hells fire in her character. At least, their character construction indicates so.

Nevertheless, what we’ve seen from Anna so far was a very carefully constructed villain which was very well played by Morena Baccarin. The depth of the reasons of her evilness is severe and the emotions that gradually step in her character psychology were so far portrayed masterfully.


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